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Contract Life Cycle Management

Digitally managing agreements made with customers

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Contract Life Cycle Management


Everything you need to know about contract lifecycle management and its systems. DAN can help you to provide deep dive, and can help your questions driving towards commercial gains and mitigating your Risk exposure at large.

Contract lifecycle management (CLM) is the process of digitally managing agreements made with customers, vendors, partners, or employees through every stage of the cycle, and encompasses creating, managing, sharing and archiving business contracts. Contract lifecycle management can also be your business’ secret weapon.

Every business runs on contracts. Contracts dictate terms of employment, business relationships, and countless other critical business details. Simply put, contracts are the atomic unit of commerce, the building blocks of every economic activity and business process.

Follow a contract through a company, and you’ll know everything you need to about that company’s approach to technology, process optimization, and risk management.

Contract lifecycle management aims to digitize and automate the contracting process through each stage to achieve much greater efficiency and better collaboration. Centralized data, shared workflows, transparency, and compliance are just some of the benefits of contract lifecycle management


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