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Internal Audit

Ensuring internal readiness to align with evolving compliances

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Internal Audit


We provide comprehensive internal audit services to organisations seeking to enhance their internal control frameworks and risk management practices


How DAN Can Help

We assume complete responsibility for the internal audit function, including planning, execution, reporting, allowing companies to focus on their core operations.

We collaborate closely with the client’s internal audit team, supplementing their efforts and providing specialised skills and resources as needed. Our services encompass risk assessments, control testing, process improvement evaluations, and compliance reviews

Concurrent audits involve conducting real-time evaluations of transactions, processes, and activities as they occur, providing timely feedback and insights. Our concurrent audit services contribute to strengthening financial reporting accuracy, safeguarding assets, and enhancing overall governance and risk management practices.

Our team of skilled auditors works closely with companies to assess the effectiveness of internal controls, identify potential risks and ensure compliance with policies and regulations. Through regular monitoring and assessment, we help organisations identify and address issues promptly, minimising the possibility of errors, fraud, and operational inefficiencies.

Our seconded professionals provide valuable support in various areas, including internal audit, risk management, finance and operations, among others. They assist with project management, process improvement, and implementation of best practices, contributing to increased efficiency and productivity.

Additionally, our loan staffing services allow organisations to temporarily augment their workforce with qualified/semi-qualified professionals from our talent pool. This flexible staffing solution helps organisations to manage workload fluctuations, cover staff absences, and address specific skill gaps

We offer specialised pan-India stock-taking and fixed asset verification support services to assist companies in effectively managing their inventory and fixed assets. We conduct stock counts, reconciling findings with the recorded inventory levels to identify discrepancies and potential areas of concern. Our goal is to help organisations maintain accurate inventory records, minimise stock variances, and optimise inventory management processes.

Our fixed asset verification services involve verifying the existence, condition, and location of fixed assets through physical inspections and reconciling the findings with the asset register. This process helps identify missing, misplaced, or obsolete assets, ensuring the accuracy of financial reporting and enabling proper asset lifecycle management.

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